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Module paths aliasing

Understanding what is “module path aliases”, why to use it and how to change it.

What are “module path aliases”?

We redacted an article about “why” we decided to use module path aliases.

Module path aliases are supported by Next.js since v9.4.

Module path aliases in Next Right Now

Next Right Now has introduced module path aliases as part of the huge refactoring of the folder structure on January 20, 2021:

How/where are configured module path aliases?

The following path aliases have been configured thorough the whole app (at 7 different places). They’re used in

  • tsconfig.json
  • cypress/tsconfig.json
  • .storybook/jsconfig.json
  • cypress/jsconfig.json
  • .storybook/main.js:webpackFinal
  • jest.config.js:moduleNameMapper

For instance, here’s what contains /tsconfig.json:

    "@/app/*": [
    "@/common/*": [
    "@/components/*": [
    "@/utils/*": [
    "@/layouts/*": [
    "@/modules/*": [
    "@/pages/*": [

How to add more module path aliases?

You’ll need to update all above-mentioned files to add or remove a module path alias.

Additionally, if you add more tools affected by the build, they might need their own webpack/typescript/custom configuration (such as what we did for Jest, Storybook and Cypress).