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How to setup Stacker

Step-by-step guide about how to create and properly configure your Stacker account.

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You can get your first month for free using the nrn1m coupon code. Note that Stacker is free until you deploy your app to production and start having customers using it.

If you want to build a POC, it’s a great opportunity!

Create Stacker account

  • Create a free account on Stacker
    • Select which database you want to use, you can use either Airtable, Google Sheets or SalesForce
      • My advice is to go with Airtable if you’re just playing around or don’t intend to have more than 1.2k records (it’s free up to that limit).
      • If you’re interested about Airtable, here is how to get $2k credits for $50 (We’ve personally used it!).
      • Google sheets may be a more viable option if you intend to have tons of rows in your DB.