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Contributing about documentation

Our documentation lives in the docs/ folder. It is generated and hosted on Github Pages.

Only the gh-pages branch generates the online documentation. (it’s our default branch)

It uses Jekyll behind the wheel, and just-the-docs theme for Jekyll.

Installing Jekyll locally

In order to contribute to the docs, you may need to install Jekyll locally (especially for non-trivial changes). Jekyll needs Ruby binary.

  1. Install and configure Jekyll on your computer, follow
  2. Once Jekyll is installed, you can install all Ruby gems using yarn doc:gem:install
  3. Once gems are installed, you can run the local Jekyll server by using yarn doc:start which will start the server at localhost:4000

Configuring Jekyll properly

Jekyll configuration uses 2 different files.

There are a few, but important differences between both. The custom configuration must be written at the top of each config file. The shared configuration must be written below.

Tip: If you add custom/shared configuration, don’t forget to update both config files, as needed.


Jekyll theme used: just-the-docs

How to build a custom TOC

See just-the-docs documentation

How to write comments in Markdown files

[//]: # (Some markdown comment)

Known issues

  • Using yarn doc:start will rebuild the whole documentation, but it’s slower. Using yarn doc:start:fast won’t rebuild the whole thing, and it’s faster. If you’re working on the navigation menu, be warned the fast mode won’t apply changes, and your menu links won’t update.

Contributing about the source code

If you mean to contribute on any preset by adding a new feature, or update existing ones, etc. please see our open RFC about contributing.

Please open an issue first before contributing, so that we may discuss your contribution beforehand. This isn’t necessary for small changes, but non-trivial changes should be agreed upon first.

Also, if you provide a PR, please configure CI on your GitHub repository first, otherwise we’ll need to “fork” your PR into NRN to test it first, and that takes time.

Additionally, please allow us to update your PR’s code for easier collaboration.

Requesting a new Preset

If you need a preset that isn’t supported yet, you can request one through Github issues.