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This changelog doesn’t follow Semantic Versioning.

  • We upgrade the major version when adding a new preset that changes how Next apps are meant to be used/built, resulting in a non-trivial redesign of the NRN base code.
    • Such as the big SSG change in Next.js v9.3 release, which uses a completely different paradigm

This changelog is meant to provide a good overview of the biggest changes in the NRN project, such as a preset release history, but it is not meant to warn about non-backward compatible changes within presets.

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Changes across presets

Most valuable changes

Here is a short list of the most valuable changes and new features.

Changes workflow

v2-mst-aptd-at-lcz-sty and v2-mst-aptd-gcms-lcz-sty are both kept up-to-date. Changes that aren’t specific to one preset are applied to both.

To see an exhaustive list of changes (added across presets), check out the merged PR.

Most changes are merged through PRs, for easier reviews.

I basically don’t have the time to keep a documented version of what’s included in each preset branch (too much work).

If you want to know what’s included within each preset, the easiest way is to review which commits are included in those presets.

Presets releases

  • 2020-07-16 (v2)
    • Released v2-mst-aptd-at-lcz-sty preset - PR
      • Very similar to v2-mst-aptd-gcms-lcz-sty preset
      • Brings a much better CMS vendor (Stacker) for manipulating database content
        • This replaces our NRN-Admin OSS project (based on React Admin) which hasn’t yielded the expected result
      • Use GraphCMS vendor instead of Airtable vendor (database)
      • Features advanced use-cases with embedded previews from CMS to NRN app
        • Basically, allows to preview a record on Stacker CMS using iframes hosted on NRN app
      • Features advanced Markdown to JSX runtime transform for storing React components within Airtable
    • Changed default preset from v2-mst-aptd-gcms-lcz-sty to v2-mst-aptd-at-lcz-sty
  • 2020-02-30 (v2)
    • New major version v2 due to complete refactoring of the whole NRN app (due to Next 9.3/9.4 which completely changed the way to build apps and added the SSG rendering mode)
    • Released v2-mst-aptd-gcms-lcz-sty preset
      • Uses Next v9.4+
      • Supports hybrid SSG/SSR rendering modes
      • New NRN demo and showcase many more examples - See #45
    • Changed default preset from v1-ssr-mst-aptd-gcms-lcz-sty to v2-mst-aptd-gcms-lcz-sty
  • 2020-02-28 (v1)