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How to setup Airtable

Step-by-step guide about how to create and properly configure your Airtable account.

Table of contents

Create Airtable account

Learn how to configure your Airtable base

API token

Be extra careful about the Airtable API token, it’s the same token shared for all your bases within your Airtable account. If it gets leaked, it might cause the leak of all your bases.

When I created this NRN demo with Airtable, I created a whole different account so that it wouldn’t affect our company business in any way.

You can find your API token by going on any Base > Help > API documentation > Check "Show API key" and scroll to the “Authentication” section.

Configure Airtable credentials

You need to set AIRTABLE_BASE_ID and AIRTABLE_API_KEY in your .env.local file to work locally.

You’ll also need to add those values as Vercel secrets.

Example: vercel secrets add nrn-airtable-api-key your-key