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How to setup Storybook

Step-by-step guide about how to properly configure your own Storybook.

Table of contents

Configuring Vercel

Storybook is hosted on Vercel. It uses a dedicated deployment file vercel.storybook.json.

Within that file, you’ll need to change the name, scope and alias.

By default, those are NRN’s, and you won’t be allowed to deploy your Storybook site onto NRN’s Vercel account.

  • The name is the Vercel project name you want to use, (it’ll be created automatically on Vercel).
  • The scope is your Vercel personal or team ID. You can find it as orgId in .vercel/project.json. If the .vercel folder doesn’t exist yet, it’s because you haven’t run yarn start yet.
  • The alias will be used by the Github Actions workflow to automatically alias the deployment.

Configuring Cypress

Storybook is being tested using Cypress to make sure you don’t break the whole production static site unknowingly.

This Cypress test is not meant to test all components, we wrote tests for the Btn component and that’s it. The goal is to detect fatal failures, so testing only one component is enough.

Alternatively, if you wish to write your Components tests using Cypress this way, it’s possible, but not the recommended way. It’s much lighter/faster to write Cypress tests for components directly, without going through Storybook.

The Cypress configuration for Storybook uses a dedicated config file at cypress/config-storybook.json.

We decided to use the same cypress/ folder for all Cypress configuration, because using another folder would lead to complicating the webpack/babel config. It seemed easier this way.

Unless you use Cypress Dashboard feature, you don’t have anything to change in cypress/config-storybook.json, because Cypress is automatically executed on the Vercel deployment url, not the alias domain.

If you use Cypress Dashboard feature, you’ll need to change the projectId accordingly.

Configuring Google Analytics

The Storybook static site has built-in analytics using the google-analytics addon.

We decided to use Google Analytics instead of Amplitude for Storybook, because all the work has been done by other people, it’s been done well, and we don’t need the flexibility/complexity of Amplitude for the Storybook site.

You’ll need to replace the STORYBOOK_GA_ID in .storybook/manager.js. (otherwise, you’ll send your analytics events to us!)