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NRN expects the following to be already installed on your computer:

  • Git will be necessary to clone the repository on your computer.
  • (Optional) A proper Node Version Manager (NVM) to manage installed Nodejs versions (allows switching between versions)
  • Node.js should be installed (it’s installed by NVM, so you’re probably already covered)
  • (Optional) Yarn is preferred over NPM, for various reasons. All our example use Yarn, but you can theoretically use either.

As you can see, there is no particular dependency to use NRN, all those tools are probably already installed on your computer!

Note that Cypress will require additional binaries, but it’s not a requirement, and we’ll cover that part later.

Operating systems compatibility

Unix (MacOS/Linux distributions)

NRN has only been extensively tested on MacOS Catalina, we expect Unix-based OS to behave properly.


NRN v2 has been tested on Windows (on June 1st, 2020) and works correctly.

Tested on Windows 8 (using Babun and WebStorm) and Windows 10 (using VSCode).

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