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How to use Sentry

Advices and “must-know” things regarding Sentry usage.

Table of contents


NRN comes with built-in ALERT_TYPES for existing alerts, defined in the sentry.ts file.

Feel free to add more alert types, they’re mostly useful to help you increase the observability of your backend, by helping you to make sense of what’s happening.


Sentry provides 2 different packages, with different abilities (but a very similar API) for browser and server usage.

A note about @sentry/node usage (Webpack trick)

In the source code, we always use @sentry/node, which is automatically converted at build step by Webpack. (see next.config.js)

This way, we always use the same import, which is linked to the right package based on the runtime engine target.

What about @sentry/react?

See #164