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This guide explains how to add a new Locale to a project created using Next Right Now.

How to add a new locale

For instance, let’s say we want to add a new fr-CA locale.

Adding a new supportedLocales

In the src/i18ncConfig.js, add the fr-CA locale in the supportedLocales array, as follows:

const supportedLocales = [
  { name: 'fr', lang: 'fr' },
  { name: 'fr-CA', lang: 'fr' }, // XXX New addition
  { name: 'en-US', lang: 'en' },
  { name: 'en', lang: 'en' },

This will immediately allow routes like /fr-CA/ to be used within the app.

Adapting your localization provider

You might also need to make some changes in your localization provider (e.g: Locize).


If you use Locize, you’ll need to create a new “Namespace” fr-CA in your project.

There is an ongoing issue with the Locize implementation, see #200.