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How to remove the built-in demo examples

Guide about how to remove the default demo examples so you can build your own app instead.

The demo is great at showcasing features and explaining concepts, but you’ll most likely want to tear it down, eventually.

Example - Guide on how to remove the demo examples from the preset v2-mst-aptd-at-lcz-sty

It’s very easy to do, and can be done in a few seconds. We’ll take the example of the v2-mst-aptd-at-lcz-sty preset, that lives in this github repo branch.

It’s really up to you to decide what you do with the built-in demo. It can be used as reference for other teammates or for yourself later. You could, for instance, keep it around under the same /examples/ path, and disallow that route on production.

Change the Homepage entry point to load a different file

  1. Go to the entrypoint for the whole app (AKA “homepage”), located under src/pages/[locale]/index.tsx
  2. As you can notice, that’s where we import the demo examples using import DocsHomePage, { getStaticPaths as getStaticPathsHomePage, getStaticProps as getStaticPropsHomePage } from './examples/';
  3. You can either delete this file entirely and copy the pageTemplateSSG or pageTemplateSSR file (and rename it index.tsx so that it acts as the new homepage), or just replace the existing file content with your own app

By doing this, you’ll basically bypass the whole /examples files, which are still accessible at http://localhost:8888/examples if you wish to use them as local reference. Feel free to delete the whole /examples folder when you don’t need it anymore. (we advise to keep it around until you’re familiar with the preset, as it’s a great source of inspiration)

Deleting all demo and example files

If you want to get rid of all the demo files, you can remove the following:

  • src/components/doc
  • src/pages/[locale]/examples

Also, note the files SSG.ts and SSR.ts define the getExamplesCommonStaticPaths and getExamplesCommonStaticProps used by all the examples.

You should keep those around if you want to keep the demo around. Alternatively, you can move the getExamplesCommonStaticPaths and getExamplesCommonStaticProps implementations to getCommonStaticPaths and getCommonStaticProps.

As long as you don’t change the implementation of getExamplesCommonStaticPaths or getExamplesCommonStaticProps, you don’t need to change anything there.

You’ll probably need to change the implementation of getCommonStaticPaths and getCommonStaticProps if you implement your own business logic. When you do so, you can either duplicate the existing code about the examples, if you want to keep those around, or simply remove both getExamplesCommonStaticPaths and getExamplesCommonStaticProps.