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Unit tests and end-to-end (E2E) tests workflow.

Table of contents

CI tests Workflow

Vercel will automatically run the tests before deploying, as configured in the yarn build command.

If any test fail, the deployment will be aborted. This ensures that any code that doesn’t pass the tests never get deployed online.

Once a deployment has been deployed on Vercel, Github Actions will run our E2E tests, to make sure that the app behaves as expected. This can also be considered as an integration tests suite.

Running tests manually (locally)

You can run interactive tests using Jest with yarn test script.

Running E2E tests manually (locally)

You can run interactive E2E tests using Cypress with yarn e2e:open script.

You can also run them non-interactively using yarn e2e:run script.

You may need to run yarn e2e:install script first