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Website monitoring is the process of testing and logging the status and uptime performance of one or more websites. This monitoring tool ensures that websites are accessible for all users and is used by businesses and organizations to ensure that website uptime, functionality and performance are always up to standard.


Monitoring is a must-have in any production-grade application. How can fix a problem if you’re not even aware of its existence?

Monitoring can focus on the server side, or on the client side. But because NRN is an isomorphic application, it focuses on both.

A good monitoring tool should automatically report any uncaught exception in your source code, so that nothing gets under your radar. Also, it should allow you to pipe those reports to collaboration tools such as Slack, so that all the team gets alerted when something bad happens.

Additionally, it should include as much contextual data as possible, to help you understand and debug what actually happened.

Monitoring is so important, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Tools matter!